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This project was an exercise in minimalism … minimal time, minimal budget and minimal compromise on the part of the Owner.


Despite his budget limitations, he required that all the work be geometrically precise and perfect, and flexible enough to function for open studio/shooting space, as well as for living.


The original loft was gutted and stripped of all partitions, and utilities.  Kitchen and bath were relocated out of the main space.


Walls were reinforced and finished plaster-smooth and a new floor was laid of oak stained to resemble a very dark wenge.  Several re-stains were needed to achieve the smooth and consistent color and finish the Owner required.


The electrical outlets were carefully spaced in the floor at exactly the center of each floorboard. No outlets are seen on the walls.


The kitchen was fashioned of two commercial stainless steel tables designed for both shooting preparation and for living.


The result is a rigorously detailed, gallery-quality space which frames the Owner’s creative practice.

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