Robert was one of the pioneers fighting for the passage of the Original Loft Law, which protected the homes of artists in Soho and Noho in Lower Manhattan. 

In the process, he became intimately knowledgeable in the architectural, legal, and regulatory requirements of this emerging legislation, and was sought out by other loft tenants for help with their complex and changing tenancies. He has grown this portion of his practice to include consultation on solving a  variety of complex occupancy problems for loft tenants, coops, and building owners and managers.

He has consulted to over 150 buildings in Manhattan, and an additional 25 in Brooklyn and Queens as the loft living phenomenon has expanded.  Many of these required one-off design and legal  solutions, as well as mediation and negotiation to bring all parties to a satisfactory resolution. 

Robert has built a reputation among these groups and City officials as a knowledgeable, effective, fair minded and creative problem solver. Working closely with a range of stakeholders, he crafts inventive even-handed solutions to both secure loft tenants’ homes and to bring owners into profitable compliance with the law